Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alphabet Soup Embroidery

My best friend Wendi is also having a give away this month at her website, Alphabet Soup Embroidery!  It is a way cute, personalized, embroidered bag.  Once again, I hesitate to tell you about it because I want it all for myself, but go check it out.  You'll want to register for this one too!  WAY CUTE! 
Oh and don't forget to mention my name, so that I can get more entries!!! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crap I've made!

Hey all!  My friend Char is having a fabulous give away on her blog all because her youngest (way cute) son turns one tomorrow!!!!  I'm not going to tell you what it is (because I want it all for myslef),so you will just have to go check it out for yourself over at Crap I've made!
You want to go now just because of her blog title huh??? LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks Tori!

Saw this on my friend Tori's blog.  I loved it and thought I would share with you!  Thanks Tori!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is there some sort of club I don't know about?????

Tinney/Tongi Family Christmas

As I mentioned before, we all got to meet up in Oklahoma (at Dale and Amy's) for Christmas.  It was crazy, fun!
Santa actually knew we were there and left presents for 'Aisea and Matai.  Of course, he got Sea some rockets.
And he got Matai a shopping cart.  He is going through a "I love to push things" stage.
Poppy brought everyone a model rocket, so we launched them while we were there.  Unfortunately, me and mom weren't there because we had to take Matai to the doctors office.  he had an ear infection.  Both him and Tanner got them over the holiday.  
Mimi was nice enough to make sugar cookies with the grandkids (that were old enough).  They enjoyed making them and we all enjoyed eating them!
I love this picture of Mimi and Poppy with all of the grandkids.  Mom and Dad had the sweatshirts made.  They said Tinney Family Christmas 2008 on them.  Cute!  I wear mine all the time!
It was a fun Christmas.  Our family is growing by leaps and bounds.  Before you know it, we won't be able to all fit into one house.  What will we do then?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Site

We went to Dale and Amy's house for  Christmas this year.  They have a new, beautiful home and we all wanted to see it, so we spent the holidays there.  Every time we go to Oklahoma to see them, I want to go to Oklahoma City and see the bombing site, but we never made the time.  This time, we were meeting our good friends, the Hunts, there and what better to do with them than this?   We couldn't have picked a windier, colder day, but it was definitely worth the visit!

A little about the memorial.........It sits between two walls.  The first one says 9:01.  This is the time it all began.
Here is all the family listening to the guide tell the story.
Each chair represents someone who died.  The small chairs represent the children that died in the daycare center that was located inside the building.
9:03 is the time it all stopped.  It still amazes me what wicked people live in this world.  And this was small compared to 9-11.  Still makes me sad and sick to my stomach to think about it.  If you are ever in Oklahoma City, it is definitely worth the trip to see this.  They have a museum that is awesome right next to the memorial too.  So glad that we finally took the time to go.
Here is a picture of the Hunt family.  We love you guys!

The Ward Christmas Party

At the ward Christmas party, the primary kids put on the Christmas story.  It was cute and 'Aisea got to be one of the angles.  
There were many angles, each one special! :)
After dinner, Santa came to visit the kids.  Matai was NOT digging Santa!!
He'd better learn real fast to be nice the big guy........he's the one with all the loot!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Road to Skinny Week #10 and #11

So two weeks ago I gained 2.2 lbs.  (It was THAT time) Not that I am making excuses for myself!!  This past saturday I had lost 3 lbs.  Total to date.....I've lost 23.6 lbs!  I have lots more to go, but I really, really think I can do it!  I wish it would stop snowing so that I could get the stroller and boys out and start going for walks/runs with them. (we'll work up to the run!)