Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Grizzly Bears

Hello........I forgot the pictures of the most exciting grizzly bears!!! DUH!

Wildlife in Yellowstone

We also got to go to Yellowstone National Park with mom and dad!  We had a blast.  We all said, "If we get to see a bear then we will be happy and feel very lucky!"  Well not only did we get to see one Grizzly Bear, we got to see four of them.  One Mama bear with her two cubs right along side the road and one bear in a field just running and playing around!  It was awesome.  We also got to see Elk, a couple of Coyote's, and some Buffalo that took over the road!  We consider ourselves very lucky and hope, next time, to see a Moose!! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hair by Leah

When Mom and Dad were here, we went to see Leah for some good ol' pampering!!!  Mom got her hair cut and a facial and I got a much needed pedicure and a facial!  Man it was nice!!!!!!  I went back this past saturday and got another facial.  That is something I would like to be able to do once a week!  Leah is great!!!  Here are some fun pictures Mom's being pampered by Leah! 
Totally cute hair and isn't my mom beautiful???!!!  And look how skinny Leah is getting!!! She looks great!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here's to you, Gigi!

I must say that I NEVER win anything!! So I was taken by surprise to hear that I had won the contest on Gigi's blog!!! I was so excited because I know how cute Gigi is with her packages and I knew that I was in for a treat!
Look at how cute this is!! I love it.  I can't even bring myself to open it because it is so cute!  Good thing they are forever stamps, huh??  LOL
There were also some really cute cards in the package.
I had two more pictures to put on here, but for some reason it isn't letting me put any more than two right now.  Hopefully that isn't some new thing they have started!!  I will try and post the other two pictures again later.  

Pictures.....courtesy of Leah!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack! it took me a week and a half, but I'm now done with all three books. Sorry I got a little obsessed with them! I seriously could not put them down though. Today, I will post a bit and then I REALLY need to clean my much neglected house and play with my semi-neglected kids! LOL
So, I just have to say this about the books and then I'm done talking about them. When I first heard that they were about vampires and warewolves, I had no desire to read them, because technically......that's just not my thing. But everyone kept talking about how good they were! Seriously.......I was hearing it from everywhere it seemed like. Almost like the books wanted me to read them and were sending subtle hints! :)
So when my parents came, I thought, I actually have some free time now that I could pick up a book and when I went to look for one at Seagull books and was staring at me and it wanted me to buy it. So I did!
So.....the auther graduated from BYU and is LDS so the books are clean! Which is good, but I do have to say, there were times when I was reading that I just thought....."come on and just do it already!" I guess when I read all morals I have go out the window!! LOL
But anyways........I guess what I wanted to say was that if you haven't read them yet and your thinking about it then I would recommend them! I will say, they are not a hard read and are written for youth. That is my favorite kind of book to where I don't have to think much. So if you are the same........then what are you waiting for???? Go get obsessed today!!!!
P.S. It is a beautiful love story in between all the vampire and warewolf stuff!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Forgive me!!

TwilightNew MoonEclipse
I am so sorry that I have been lost to the blogging world as of late, but this is the reason why.
 Everyone always talks about how good these book are and I have always wanted to read them, but with kids, never really felt like I had the time.  Well while my parents were here, I picked up the first book, Twilight, and read it within a week (it only took me so long because I still had to do things with my parents while they were here!)  Since then I have read the second book and I'm half way through with the third one.  Sorry that it is consuming my life at this moment, but trust me, if you saw my house you would say..........Please don't even worry about blogging and go clean your house.  I promise I will be back soon.  I just had to read them before the movie comes out and once I started, I can't stop!!
I have to say though, that it has been forever since I have just sat and read and I realize that I have missed it so much!  Thanks you all for you understanding!!!  LOL

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dinner with Sue

I think we were pretty lucky to get to see Sue because, from what I can gather, they stayed pretty busy!  This was the night before Sue left.  We went to Chili's to eat (because that is where Ioane wanted to go and Sue spoils him by giving him his way :)) but there was an hour wait there.  So we went across the road where there was a good ol' IHOP!  It was yummy and the beat all, there was a balloon animal maker there!!!  Or whatever they are called.  
This is totally off the subject, but Sue told me a story at dinner that I don't think Rachael or Leah are going to share and it deserves to be shared.  I hope I don't forget any details.  I guess Sue went into a local Taco Bell and goes to the front counter.  There is only one other man in the restaurant and he already has his food and is sitting down.  She goes to the front and orders a cheese quesadilla with no sauce.  They worker guy then says to Sue, "You want a cheese quesadilla?"  Sue says, "yes".  He then says, "You want sauce on that?"  Sue says, "no".  So after ringing her up, he gets on the loud speaker and announces to the back that he needs a cheese quesadilla with no sauce.  He then goes right to the back and makes it himself.  When he is done he brings it to the front and Sue is standing right in front of the counter waiting (and remember, there is only one other man in the restaurant who is sitting and eating his food) and he gets on the loud speaker and announces, " Number 271, your order is now ready".  Sue picked up the order and left.  I thought this story was hilarious and needed to be shared.  So there you go!
It was great to see Sue.  We love her!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mom and Dad are coming!

I'm just finishing up things around the house and then I'm on my way to go get mom and dad! Don't worry, I won't be like Leah and not post the whole time they're here. :) Love you Leah! I am so excited for them to come and see how much the boys have grown! We are going to have one fun week!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Update on Matai

Matai is back to his normal, eating everything off the floor he can find, self. Thank goodness. I knew everything was going to be fine, I just thought it was odd for the Dr to say "he might suspect Leukemia" instead of just........"if he's not better by friday I want you to bring him back in". It was weird for me, but other than that I really do love our pediatrician! So thanks for all of your concern and well wishes. They were greatly appreciated!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Will I ever go back to Georgia???

The day has finally come.  My mom and dad put the house up for sale.  They don't know where they'll go from here, but they are for sure not staying in Georgia.  Mom's job consists of traveling all over the state of Florida, so they have talked about moving more to central Florida so that she doesn't have to travel quite as long to get places.  Dad has applied for jobs all over the country and if he gets one then they will move to where ever that may be.
They also didn't feel the need to stay, with all of their children and grandchildren being gone.  I have told them that I think Ioane would move back to Georgia once his schooling is done, but they are still going to move!!!  
It makes me really sad because I grew up in Georgia and have many friends there and I feel like I may never have the chance to go back.  Take a vacation there you say???  The only problem with that is, at this point, when we go on vacation it is always to some place that we can get to see our families.  So needless to say, it makes me sad that they are selling and moving on even though I know it's what they need to do!  

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Matai's Adno Virus

So I really feel like we have had quite an eventful month.  It feels like one thing after another lately!!  But anyway, the latest is that Matai has been sick.  He didn't sleep well last Friday night and then on Saturday he felt hot.  We took his temperature and it was 102.7 degrees.  He had had an ear infection for the two weeks prior to that, so I thought the antibiotics just didn't clear it up.  So I took him to instacare where I waited for the news that his ear infection had not cleared up.  But to my surprise the doctor said that his ears were fine, his throat was fine, his breathing was fine and she didn't know what was wrong with him.  She decided to draw his blood and wanted to do a urine test too, but decided later not to put a catheter in just yet.  They drew his blood and when she came back she said that his white blood cell count was low.  ( I had to think really fast.....which one means it is cancer low white blood cell count or high white blood cell count, then remembered it was a high count....whew) She then explained that a low white blood cell count usually meant a viral infection or a bacterial infection and she thought it was a viral infection.  "But the weird thing is," she says, "is that when they ran the specific test to test the white blood cells to see if it a viral infection, that that test came back negative."  So she was a bit baffled!  
She sends us home, but tells us before we leave that she is concerned about him and that if anything changes with him, to bring him right back in and if it is after they are closed to take him down to primary's hospital.  Not comforting things for a mom to hear!
I took him home, with no meds might I add, to just wait it out.  So I waited and waited and waited.  It didn't seem to get worse, but it wasn't getting better either.  On Sunday night he had a temperature again in the 102's so first thing Monday I made an appointment with his pediatrician.  He did the whole work up on him and said that Matai's throat was really sore and had "puss pockets" in it, but it wasn't strep.  He told me to take him home and give him the ol' motrin/tylenol switch up.  But before he left the room he says, "if he still has a temperature on Friday, you need to bring him back in because then we would suspect Leukemia!"  Hello.....even though I knew it wasn't Leukemia, I thought you don't tell a mom that!!!  But whatever!
So here are some pictures I took of Matai while he was sick.  He cried the entire time.  He wanted to be held the entire time and he wanted a boob in his mouth the entire time!!! Not entirely a fun time for me!  (that is just not how my baby usually is)  
I'm posting this video because I had told my mom about his new "sick cry".  Here it is.  Quite funny if you ask me, and also quite annoying after hearing it for days if I put him down AT ALL!!! He wouldn't even go to his dad.  What a little pain in the butt!! LOL

It's not a complaint this time!!

This was the view from my apartments yesterday.  It looks the same out today, May 1st, there is snow.  However, this time I am not complaining!!!!!!  Can you believe it???  And this is why.....On Monday it was almost 80 degree's outside and as I sat in my hot apartment, it hit me like a rock!!!  I think we might be to poor to use our air conditioner this summer!!!!!!!!!!!  If that is truly the case, I will be spending every waking hour at the pool!!  So today, I am grateful for the cold and in the summer I will be very grateful for the pool!