Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mean Girls

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and they were doing this thing with paid teenage actresses and hidden camera's. They had three "popular" girls picking and teasing one "geeky" girl in a park. They wanted to see what the adult reactions would be. Can you believe that some people would just walk on by, doing nothing! Not one man stopped to help at all. But some of the women would stop to help this poor girl out.
Now we all know that if this had been me, I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. I would have jumped right in to defend this "geeky" girl, yelling, threatening to call the police, whatever it took to make these mean girls go away. So I pose this question.......What would you have done?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tired boy!

'Aisea went to bed early last night so me and Matai took some pictures.  He was sooo tired, but still smiley!  I do have lots of pictures of 'Aisea to post, but I don't have time right now. No, I don't like Matai better!!  :)


So I have to start of by saying that in Tonga there is no gender related to movies (i.e. chick flicks). They will watch whatever is available to watch there.  My husband loves all disney movies and loves to watch them with 'Aisea.  They recently watched Cinderella together and 'Aisea LOVED it. He loses interest when Cinderella goes to the ball and stuff, but he laughs his little head off at the mice and the cat.  He finds them heelarious (Kim, that's for you).  
So the other day we go to the Doctors office and they have coloring pages.  The little girl next to us gets one of Cinderella.  When 'Aisea see this he tells me "Mom, I want to color."  So I went up to get a page for him and they have a boy folder and a girl folder.  I took a page out of the boy folder for him and it was Alvin and the Chipmunks (which he likes too, thanks to Leah).  I give him the paper and he says, "Mom, I don't like this one, I want Cinderella".  Now the waiting room is full of people and Sea keeps telling me how he wants Cinderella!!  How embarrassing!!!  

Update on the teeth...

Gosh I will be so glad when the teething is over.  It has been tough on Matai.  I don't remember it being so hard with 'Aisea, but maybe it wasn't.  They are very different children!  I know the picture is blurry, but you get the idea.  We are now working on the two top teeth that are next to the ones already in.  And yes, he is going to have a gap as big as 'Aisea's!!!!!  Braces for everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not Fair!!!

So today, Matai slept until 11:45am. What is up with that? He kept me up until midnight (I think because of his teeth) and then woke up at least 5 different times throughout the night. Then he sleeps till almost noon?!?!?! It would be fine if I didn't have to get up early with 'Aisea!! But I do! It's not fair and I just needed to tell everyone that!!! LOL

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leah Quinn Jacobs....Hot and Single

Here you go updated blog!!!

This is a picture of my beautiful, single, best friend Leah.  If you are male and want her number, let me know b/c she is HOT!  She now has a blog of her very own.  Her address is . 

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

This is what I did for my hubby for Valentine's Day.  I drew this in the snow and then took a picture on my phone and sent it to him.  I know, I'm lame!  I also emailed him a card. :)

This is what my hubby did for me for Valentine's Day!  He's cute.  He is much more creative than me.  I didn't even notice it for a while.  I was on the phone with Leah when all of a sudden...aaaaawwwwwwww.

We also went to dinner.  We were supposed to go to Applebee's, but it was so stinkin' crowded we decided just to go to Lanikai Grill.  We needed to make it home to watch Lost, but we ended up being 10 minutes late.  Guess I'll have to watch the beginning online tomorrow!

What handsome boys!

All of my boys!! We were just playing around and taking pictures and these were some of my favorites. Is it odd that Matai's head is as big as 'Aisea's? LOL

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My baby has been quite fussy as of late. This would be the reason why. Those two top teeth are making their way into this world. LOL He also has another side top tooth coming in that you can't see in the pictures. Poor little guy!!!

Double Dating

Last night we set up our friend Lua with Leah. We picked up Leah at her house and then picked up Lua from the Sandy tracks station because he took the bus up. How impressed am I with that? (Leah and Lua. How funny is that? HA HA HA) We then decided to go to Texas Roadhouse in Sandy where Tami Reynolds was there to be our waitress!! How fun!!
We had a good time there. Lua is freakin' hilarious and he knows how to flirt which was fun to watch! For example: Leah asked at one point if they could share the butter knife for the rolls and he told her NO, but they could share a straw!!!! Just hilarious....I was laughing all night long!
We then drove Lua back to the UVSC campus to get his room mates car. On the way down we sang songs the entire way. Lua and Leah both have gorgeous voices! Lua said forget about the boys when it is time to sing in sacrement meeting, he is calling Leah!
It all ended with him getting her number and telling us that if he doesn't have to fly somewhere this weekend to get some flight hours that he wants to hang out again! So we'll see what happens.

P.S. Could I look anymore tired in this picture? And I know the second picture isn't that great of Leah, but it was a better one of Lua!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hair Day!

Our friend Tay Faulker has been doing our hair for years (since Hawaii)!  By "our" I mean me, Kim and Melanie.  So we had a hair night tonight and I just have to sing Tay's praises.  This girl has talent!  I love what she does!!!!  So here are some very bad pictures of me, but good of my hair.  It looks black, but it's not.  It is a dark brown with red highlights!  I LOVE it!  I'll take better pictures tomorrow when I've done my hair AND make-up for church.  And when it's not 2:00am.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I know, I know!!!

I know that almost all of my posts are about my kids, but's MY why wouldn't they be?  It is also for Mimi and Poppy and other family to see.  So here is yet another post about one of my kids!!
I just had to post this so that you could check out how "roli poli" Matai's legs are.  I love it!!


We got these glove/hat sets at the Old Navy outlet in Park City for 75% off.  They were only like a dollar something.  Sea loves his "glubs".  He thinks he needs them every time he goes outside.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pasi, Pasi

Matai, my little walrus, is learning to clap......Pasi Pasi!

Monday, February 4, 2008

'Aisea's "artsie fartsie" talents

These are mostly for Mimi and Poppy because I don't think anyone else will like them as much. :)
Video One - Slap Dance.....'Aisea Style
Video Two - Taki Taki
Video Three - I am a child of God
Video Four - I hope they call me on a mission
Video Five - Popcorn Popping

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh the snow!!

We don't have church until 1:30pm and you would think that we would at least look outside before then, but today we didn't. I had no idea that it had snowed out until we opened our door to go to church. I'm supposed to be on time for church because I lead the music in sacrament meeting. We opened the door at 1:20 to leave only to find that it had snowed all the way up to the top step of our stairs (and we live on the second floor of our apartments)!!! It wasn't just a little snow either. It was deep. Ioane said, "lets just skip church", but I felt like I needed to go because I had a calling to do. So I grabbed a broom and swept a little path down the steps. Ioane grabbed Matai, I grabbed 'Aisea and Baby grabbed Osai and we headed down the stairs only to find that the snow on the sidewalk was knee deep. Someone had already walked through it, so I just stepped in their footprints and everyone followed me (Baby had on slippers!!). It was not a fun time and then we were late for church! I HATE the snow!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

One Final Goodbye

This man carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. May he now rest in peace in his Heavenly Father's arms.