Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh the snow!!

We don't have church until 1:30pm and you would think that we would at least look outside before then, but today we didn't. I had no idea that it had snowed out until we opened our door to go to church. I'm supposed to be on time for church because I lead the music in sacrament meeting. We opened the door at 1:20 to leave only to find that it had snowed all the way up to the top step of our stairs (and we live on the second floor of our apartments)!!! It wasn't just a little snow either. It was deep. Ioane said, "lets just skip church", but I felt like I needed to go because I had a calling to do. So I grabbed a broom and swept a little path down the steps. Ioane grabbed Matai, I grabbed 'Aisea and Baby grabbed Osai and we headed down the stairs only to find that the snow on the sidewalk was knee deep. Someone had already walked through it, so I just stepped in their footprints and everyone followed me (Baby had on slippers!!). It was not a fun time and then we were late for church! I HATE the snow!!!!!!!


Melanie said...

I can't believe it snowed that much. We have never had that much snow here, and we are right next to the mountains. Were they snow drifts? And what a guy to say let's just skip church. I know if you didn't have a calling, you would have! LOL

Kim Fifita said...

I was actually thinking what a switch this was--to have Io wanting to skip church and Elizabeth saying "Let's go!" Me and Sione seem to have switched too. ;-)

I believe the amount of snow (well, I saw it yesterday too)--but here in Riverton they've got at least a foot, if not more, on the ground.