Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Double Dating

Last night we set up our friend Lua with Leah. We picked up Leah at her house and then picked up Lua from the Sandy tracks station because he took the bus up. How impressed am I with that? (Leah and Lua. How funny is that? HA HA HA) We then decided to go to Texas Roadhouse in Sandy where Tami Reynolds was there to be our waitress!! How fun!!
We had a good time there. Lua is freakin' hilarious and he knows how to flirt which was fun to watch! For example: Leah asked at one point if they could share the butter knife for the rolls and he told her NO, but they could share a straw!!!! Just hilarious....I was laughing all night long!
We then drove Lua back to the UVSC campus to get his room mates car. On the way down we sang songs the entire way. Lua and Leah both have gorgeous voices! Lua said forget about the boys when it is time to sing in sacrement meeting, he is calling Leah!
It all ended with him getting her number and telling us that if he doesn't have to fly somewhere this weekend to get some flight hours that he wants to hang out again! So we'll see what happens.

P.S. Could I look anymore tired in this picture? And I know the second picture isn't that great of Leah, but it was a better one of Lua!


Melanie said...

I have come to know Lua very well this past year. He comes over a lot and we have talked a lot. I think that even if the boys bugged him about it (which Aho wouldn't) he would still call her if he wanted to. Next time I see him, I hae to ask him. Sorry...AHAHA

Kim Fifita said...

They are really cute together! Lua is a cutie--I can't believe he spawned from the same loins as Manu! Lua is so much cuter and nicer... :-)

The Clanton Gang said...

Leah looks so great! And it sounds like Lua and Leah would have SO much fun together! :)