Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Matai's first hair cut

Ummmmm.......can we just ignore the big fat double chin in these pictures???!!! THANKS!!!

I went to see Jami to get Matai's first haircut.  It was kind of sad, but desperately needed.  He once had the cutest curls on his head and they had finally gone straight.  I thought that cutting it would, maybe, bring them back.  It didn't :(
He was really good while she cut his hair and especially good since I had just woken him up from the start of his nap.  I was proud of him.
He looks like such a big boy now!  I miss my baby! :(
P.S.  A big thanks to Marcy Cullen for taking the pictures!


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fat Girl Update Week 2

So I followed the plan perfect this week and only lost 1.6 lbs. I'm not really complaining, at least it was a loss and not a gain, but I thought I would have lost more. It could be because I got my.......well, you know.....for the month (too much info, i know!) So I'm looking for next week to be a big week. We'll see what happens. My goal for this week is to exercise on, at least, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wish me luck.........I'm sure gonna need it!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I found this picture on someone blog.  Isn't that the most disgusting thing you have ever seen?  Welcome to Salt Lake City, my friends.  I can look out my window and not even see the mountains across the valley.  I have to leave before I die!! Seriously! YUCK!!!!!  I'm ready for a stinkin' snow storm to come and get rid of that.  And all of you know that if I'M asking for snow, it must be bad!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up............The Hunts

So for the next few days I will be playing a bit of catch up.  First, right after Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of spending some time (not enough time) with our good friends Joe and Stephanie Hunt.  They were only here for and evening, spent the night and had to leave the next morning, but we loved having them here!
We endured the cold weather and went to Temple Square to see the lights.  We didn't stay too long because the kids didn't love it like we thought they would.  All poor little Macayla wanted to do was see the statue of Christ and we didn't get to because it was so crowded.  Sad!  They did take her back before they left town the next morning!

Then they took all of us to dinner for Ioane's birthday (which was on Thanksgiving day).  They took us to to Io's favorite restaurant, Chili's.  Thanks y'all!  It was a very nice visit and we were sad to see them head on out, back to Texas!  We did know that we would get to see them again at Christmas time!  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fat Girl Update Week 1

You know what?  This week wasn't so terrible.  I made it through and I even think I can keep going.  I weighed in yesterday and lost 6.4 lbs.  Pretty good, but I do hope I can lose at least 4 this week.  I know it will slow down, but hopefully not this week!  Wish me luck as I keep on keepin'! 

 P.S.  You don't have to read the fat girl updates if you don't want to, but I am going to keep track on here for myself.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will I ever be able to fly again?

An Airbus 320 US Airways aircraft that went down in the Hudson River is seen in New York
I don't enjoy flying. I do it because I have to, but I don't like it. Now let me back up a bit and tell you about our flight to Oklahoma for Christmas. We left Salt Lake City at around 4:45 pm headed to Denver. Everything was fine until in one instant it felt like we dropped out of the sky and the turbulence that followed for about the next 15 minutes is the worst I have EVER experienced!! (And I've done quite a bit of flying. I lived in Hawaii and have been to Tonga.) It was so bad the the female flight attendant yelled to the male flight attendant "GET DOWN" and they both hit the ground. They had been in the process of serving the drinks. The drinks on the cart spilled on the people sitting next to the cart and I seriously thought that there was something wrong with the plane. The flight attendants proceeded to stay on the floor for about 15 minutes and when things started looking a bit better the female got up to push the cart to the back of the plane when the male attendant crawled back and kept telling the female to get back down! In the end they finally made the landing instructions (you know, put your seat up, stow your tray, etc.....) then she said, if in the case we need to make an emergency landing, please leave all your belongings on the plane!!!! WHAT THE?????
So anyway, we landed just fine and everything was okay, but I still called my mom and told her I wasn't sure I could get on the next flight!!! It was good that our flight was delayed by an hour when we landed and then another hour while we were there at the airport. It gave me time to collect myself. I did end up getting on the next flight and was excited to see that we had the very same flight attendants from our last flight. I mean....if they can get on another flight then I guess i can too!
So we board the flight and it take a long time to do so. Then they finally close the doors (so no one can run off the plane, I'm sure) and the captain makes this anouncement............"We are sorry things are taking so long, but I'm afraid it is going to be a big longer. We are number 40 in line for take off. We are only able to use one runway because there has been a plane crash on the other one!" AGAIN.........WHAT THE??????
So I'm sure you saw this on the news...........but our flight landed at 6:15 pm and flight 1404 was taking off at 6:18 pm. No wonder we were so delayed inside the airport! I do have to say, I never heard anything about it while inside. Good thing b/c I wouldn't have gotten on the plane for sure!
The rest of our trip was great, thank goodness. addressing the plane wreck yesterday in New York. I guess I never thought about birds hitting the engines (GROSS). If I would have thought about it, I would have assumed that they had created something so that it didn't affect the plane at all (whether it be one bird or a whole flock). This new knowledge of birds being able to bring down a whole plane really makes me never want to fly again!!!
P.S. I know the chances of a plane going down are low.....but I bet that is what the people on the New York and Denver flights were telling themselves too!! :)

Weight Watchers

I know, I know, it's been forever since I posted.  I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, I just haven't had a desire to do it.  At first it was because I didn't have anything to blog about (my life is pretty boring), but now I have stuff to blog about and still just don't feel like it.  So.........I decided to do this post and see if it helps to kick my butt back into gear!!??  We'll see what happens.
I started Weight Watchers last friday.  So far, so good.  I've done really well so far this week.  I weigh in on saturday morning and I still have 19 flex points left.  That's pretty good I think.  I'm going to try not to use anymore.  Only one more day.......I can do it right? Right!!  
I do just have to say, however.  I HATE watching what I eat!!  I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (get the idea?) food!  So wish me luck!  Maybe one day I'll let you know what my starting weight is (like when I reach my goal weight).  LOL
P.S.  I'll post soon about Christmas.......when you see the pictures, you'll understand why I joined weight watchers!