Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elf Yourslef

Check this out....hilarious!!!

If you do one for yourself......I would like to have a copy sent to me!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Matai is learning to sit up. He is doing a pretty good job of it. I have to watch him close for when he falls over, but he can sit there for a pretty long time by himself!

Snow AGAIN!!

So....the snow storm that we had before had finally melted and things were getting better. We could walk without slipping and drive without worries......then last night it all happened again! Only worse this time!!!! Me and Leah and the kids went to watch Ioane dance in a youth Tongan program thing and by the time we left the roads were horrible. I had to drive 15mph the entire way home and it was scary!!! So here are pictures from the show and from the snow the next day! Which just happens to be today!!

The "Family"

This was a picture 'Aisea drew the other day. He brought it over to me and told me that the peron all the way to the right was Daddy, next to him was Mommy, the person next to mommy and on the bottom left was Sea and the person to the top left was Poppy! No Mimi and No Matai!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What a view!

Last post for today.....but this is the view I just had when I looked out my balcony window! Nine deer! In the middle of a developed's not we are close to any kind of "nature" or open area. Weird, but cool!!!


It snowed real hard here the other day. I love the look, but I hate the cold and I hate driving in it!! I took these pictures early you can see, it was still coming down like crazy. We got alot more than this!

Rocket Boys!!

Anyone who knows 'Aisea knows that he loves cars, choo choo trains, and pretty much any sport that involves a ball and running......But above all else, he loves his rockets!! Right before Mimi and Poppy left it snowed but that didn't stop us from launching a rocket. Sea loved it!! Of Course!!

Oh no!!! They are shrinking!

This chair was at a gas station that we stopped at on our way home from Flagstaff. It was freezing out side or else me and Ioane would have taken a picture too, but it was too long to keep the kids out in.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving break and The Polar Express

Okay, first of all I know that there are a million pictures of this, but we rode on the "Polare Express" and it was soooo much fun that I had to share tons of photos!! Over Thanksgiving mom and dad flew in and helped us drive down to Dennis's for Thanksgiving. It was so cool. Amy flew in with Ashlee and Kynlee too. So all of the cousins got to be together. The only person missing was Dale :( . I went with Strep throat, 'Aisea went with a double ear infection, Amy's girls were throwing up and after we got back to my house mom threw up, so Dale might be grateful he missed it. Just Kidding!! It will be a trip that we will always talk about.
Anyway, back to the Polar Express........we got there and got our tickets and then boarded the train. They totally reinact (however you spell that) the book. They started by serving us hot chocolate and cookies, they we listen to the story as we rode to the North Pole. While we were there, we picked up Santa Clause. He came aboard the train. We sang Christmas Carols (which I think was Ioane's and Dennis's favorite part, they both sang soooo loud) until Santa came to our car. He then gave everyone their very own Christmas bell. It was so much fun. So enjoy the pictures!

While at Dennis and Cori's we took all six kids to get pictures made for Mimi and Poppy (talk about hard!!) After we finished with that we took the kids to the playground inside the mall. They had a blast, as you can see. 'Aisea loves to play with all of his cousins. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of Tanner. I will post some as soon as Amy sends me some! LOL

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gender roles and motor skills!

Last night I was trying to clean up the hellish mess that 'Aisea had made in his room (he decided to pull every book he has off of the bookshelf). I put Matai on the floor beside me laying on his back. I was stacking books in piles so that I could organize them and Sea was taking books off of each stack to read. All of a sudden Matai rolled over onto his belly. I thought....."it must have been a fluke". So I put him back on his back and a few minutes later he rolled onto his stomach again!! So my three month old can roll over!
The other story I have is.......I was driving yesterday and as we were leaving Io's work, Io told Sea to be a good boy to which Sea responded "Yes Ma'am". Then we were driving away and a lady was walking across the parking lot and Sea says "HE's walking, Mommy". So I explained to him that "mommy is a she, daddy is a he, mommy is a ma'am, daddy is a sir". Then I asked him..."What is mommy"? He said......"Mommy is a SHEEP"! But what he meant was mommy is a she......... and beautiful and skinny!!! LOL Sea always has a way of making me laugh until my stomach hurts!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Taking Pictures

Okay....I obviously love taking pictures of my babies. What mother doesn't. We all think that they are the cutes people in the world! So I post the ones that I love. Ioane was a "nerd" for Halloween at work. Last night 'Aisea found his "nerd" glasses and put them on. I couldn't resist taking some pictures to share. I thought they were hilarious. He is still going through this "cheese" phase as you can see in one of the pictures. I hate it. I wish he would just smile. I'll work on that with him. LOL