Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Matai turns 2!!!!

Matai's birthday was on July 30th. My baby turned two! Times flies, doesn't it? We weren't going to do anything because he didn't know the difference and funds were low. But then I just kept imagining him at the age of 10 wondering why 'Aisea had a second birthday party and he didn't get one. So I decided to do a very small one. In fact, we did it when Cody and Tanner were here, just so there could be other kids in the pictures! LOL We just got cake and ice cream and I think Cody and Tanner were glad we didn't do it before they got here. :)

P.S. Dad was helping me to get Matai to smile! LOL
We went to get the cake. I showed Matai several different ones, but when I showed him this one, he started pointing and jabbering in a really high pitch. So I assumed he wanted this one. I thought he did a really good job of picking it out!
Tanner and his soon to be brother.....aka.....Cori's tummy. LOL
'Aisea and Cody enjoying their cake and ice cream.

All and all, I think it is safe to say that he enjoyed the party, Even if he didn't realize it was all for him!!!!

Cousins come to visit!!

Cori and the kids came to Utah for a visit! My boys are so excited that they are here. They just love to play with Cody and Tanner!
'Aisea and Cody
And folks, it has begun........the fake smile! How long will it last until I get his pretty smile back????
No fake smiles for Cody~!
These two love to play together.
Look at little Dennis, I mean......Tanner! LOL He is so cute and he does look a lot like Dennis did as a baby! We are having fun having them here to play with!

The T.V.

Watching T.V. is one of Matai's favorite things to do. We have to make sure there are plenty of educational video's to watch for this reason. We have one leap frog video that he loves. From that, if you show him a letter, he can tell you the sound it makes!

The computer!~

'Aisea loves to play on the computer. More than likely you find me, Ioane and him fighting over who gets to use it! LOL Time for another computer in the house, don't ya think???
He loves to play on PBS Kids, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse website, Nick kids, watch video's of rockets and volcanos on youtube and (his very favorite) play farm town with Mimi and Poppy! LOL
That is what he is doing in this picture. I think it is funny how he is only four and can balance the phone on his shoulder so that he can have his two hands free to play! That's my boy!