Friday, October 26, 2007

Ok.....Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch. We had no money to spend on a pumpkin (they wanted 19 cents a pound), but we sure did take some cute pictures and 'Aisea had lost of fun running around and riding in the wheel barrel. I'm so excited that Ioane has finished his online "classes" so that we have time to do stuff like this together as a family! It was the first time that either me or Ioane had been to a pumpkin patch. We had a good time, but I was surprised at how many bad pumpkins were just laying around. Maybe it was because we waited until so close to Halloween to go.

When we first got there 'Aisea was so excited. He ran to the first pumpkin he saw and picked it up. I was shocked that he could lift it up. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't the smallest pumpkin either!

After Ioane found a wheel barrel and fixed it so that it would work, 'Aisea climbed right in for the ride. I didn't realize a wheel barrel would be so hard to get your hands on, but people were waiting to "attack" the people who were leaving to get ahold of theirs. (Is ahold a word or should it just be a hold?) So we just found this one sitting there because it was broken and nobody wanted to use it and my good old husband put it back in working condition!! LOL

Matai just loved being out in the fresh air and just being carried around. However, my arms did not appreciate it AT ALL!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just wanted to show off my children. I think they are soooo cute, but of course I'm the mother so what else would I think? It is amazing to me how fast they grow up. 'Aisea is almost three now. How in the world has it already been three years. Where does the time go? Matai is almost three months and is getting teeth already! He is huge....almost 20lbs.

We are taking a trip to the pumpkin patch this evening when Ioane gets off of work. So look for some new pictures to be posted tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snow Already!

It is October and this past Sunday we had our first "real" snow. It actually snowed in September, it just didn't stick to the ground. Ioane and 'Aisea did have fun building a snowman though. We didn't have any gloves, so they both have socks on their hands!! It always does my heart good when Ioane gets down and dirty with the boys so that I don't have too. Thank you honey!!!
Here are some pictures of us in the snow!

Life in Utah

Well here I am, back in Salt Lake City. I swore I would never live here again and yet here I am! However, it has been fun having Leah, Kim and Melanie out here to hang out with. They make it easier to be here.
Ioane likes his job, but loves the people he works with. It is wonderful for him to get all the experience this job has to offer him. He is almost finished with his masters degree. He has to take a test and do his student teaching and it will all be over with....THANK GOODNESS!!! It has been hard with him being so busy all the time, but I know that he keeps going because he loves me and the boys so much. He is a wonderful husband and father and wants his family to be well taken care of. It's hard on him too and he is tired all the seen in the pictures below!! LOL