Sunday, November 9, 2008

Story Time Felts

Hello everyone. So this may be lame, but I'm going to give it a shot. I am having a party for Story Time Felts this Wed night at 7pm (the 12th). I didn't realize that our ward enrichment was going to be on the same night and now my party is going to be a flop. For those of you that are in my ward. I didn't send out invitations because of this reason. So if you are close and want to come feel free and if you see something you like through the link to their website, email me if you would like to order it and I'll add it to my party.
This is really cool stuff for kids, great for keeping them quiet during sacrament meetings and they even have LDS stuff!!! Check it out at .
Thanks.......if you do decide to order then just email me at

P.S. Shipping is $6.00 up to $60.00 spent. Anything beyond that is 10% of what you spend.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trunk or Treat and Halloween

We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat a week before Halloween.  I was just going to have 'Aisea be a chicken again for Halloween because it still fit him and we really didn't have the extra money for a new costume!  I think it will forever be one of my favorite costumes.. I love it!  At Trunk or Treat a friend said she had a cow costume that would fit Sea, so we borrowed that for Halloween night.  Thanks Mikki!
The pumpkin came from Kim.  If you look back at last years pictures, you will see that this is the costume that Viliami wore last year.  Thanks Kim!
Matai is eating in this picture.  That is why he looks so funny!
Viliami the monkey!!!
'Aisea the cow!  We had a fun time, even though it rained on us all night long.  We trick or treated in Saratoga Springs and it rained all  night long, then we came back to West Jordan and it didn't look wet at all!  It didn't bother the kids though.  They loved running from one house to the next getting all kinds of yummy candies!!!  They were very cute!  The older they get, they more fun the holidays get!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our first field trip!!!

We had our first field trip with Sea's preschool a couple weeks ago.  Never mind the dates on the pictures, I need to change it on my camera!
So is this gazebo scary to you??  Not to me either!!

But it was to 'Aisea!  He was the only kid who would not go sit inside the gazebo.  The entire rest of his class went in with no problems!  So here they all sit listening to the pirate tell fun halloween stories...........

and here is where 'Aisea sat!  He would not get any closer than this!  :)
He did, however, love the little pirate ship........ 
and the little hay maze......

and the cool model train set up they had!!
Before we left, he got to pick his very own pumpkin to bring home.

And take this picture as a ghost!  It was a very fun day for me and him.  

I guess this is what Matai thought of it all!  LOL  Maybe because he didn't to leave his stroller the whole time we were there! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I totally won something!!!

So I told you all to go and sign up at Leelou blogs!!  I signed up and won a prize for Kiddie Kandids!!!!  Time to get the kids pictures made!!!  How exciting, huh?

Another give away

The Naulu Tribe is giving away a cute, cute, Christmas Tutu! Check out their blog here!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Leelou Launch Party

Don't forget to go check out Leelou's Blog.  Even though I don't have one of her layouts right now, I have had several in the past and will definitely use her layouts in the future!!  She is having her launch party right now.  Go try to win!!!

Leelou Blogs

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Check this amazing dress out.  I want it for my future daughter and if I never have a girl then, Kynlee, it's all you girl!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What a Fun Night!!

Kelly, Rabici, and "Kelly's Dad" got to stop over for two nights while coming home from Massachusetts.  Rabici's brother was blessing their new baby on Sunday and they needed to be there for that.  Thank goodness that new baby was born because that meant that we got to spend an evening with some of our favorite people from BYU-H!!  What a fun night it was!!!  I laughed so hard all night long!!!  Then to top off the night, "Kelly's Dad" paid for the entire dinner.  He asked that we just leave a tip.  Of course, I never have cash on me and was planning on paying with my debit card, so Chris and Kaytee paid our part of the tip.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all three of you!!!!
P.S.  I love Kaytee's Marilyn Monroe Pose!!

For those of you who don't know, me and Kelly met working at the BYU-H Bookstore.  We immediately realized that we would be friends!!!  We got in trouble a lot when we were together.  Mostly because we were being too loud or goofing off!  She was my maid of honor when I got married and that was when she realized that she must forever be with Rabici!!!  The rest is history!!  LOL
This (below) is Nia.  She is Kelly's best friend, so it was inevitable that we would also become good friends!   She worked at the Seasider right beside the bookstore, so we got to see her a lot!  Later, when I no longer worked at the bookstore, she actually got a job there!  Too bad she couldn't have worked there when all of the old gang worked there, but I have no doubts that she had fun with the new gang!
This is Chris and Kaytee.  They actually crashed my wedding reception, which is not uncommon when you marry a poly!  Who would have know that day that we would become such good friends??!  Kaytee got a job at the bookstore as the accountant???  Anyways, she worked in the back.  I remember at first she was so quiet that we all thought that she thought she was better then us and a bit of a "Molly Momon".  It didn't take us too long to learn that we were WAY off base on that one!! LOL  Chris started dancing with Io at PCC and we were in the same ward as they we became good friends fast!
I'm not sure how this friendship started.  I think Jaici became friends with Kelly and somewhere down the road they became room mates and so I guess I became friends with Jaici through Kelly.?.  Kelly and Jaici are the two who ended up marrying Fijians.  Also, Jaici is the cleanest, most organized person you will ever meet in your life.  I remember going to Kelly and Jaici's dorm room and Jaici would be cleaning and organizing for fun????!!!!!!  Whatever floats your boat!! LOL    Love ya Jaici!  And you can come clean/organize my home anytime you want to have a little fun!!! LOL

P.S.  When I made you stay to take this picture, I had forgotten that you had already taken pictures with Kelly and Rabici.  I thought you were trying to sneak off without getting your picture taken! LOL  They when I got home and looked at my pictures, I saw that you were first to go! first picture of you guys was blurry, so I'm glad I forced you to take a second picture!!
I love this picture because Rabici looks as excited to have Sea on his shoulders as Sea looks to be up there!
Thank goodness everyone was willing to help with the kids because I think we had had enough of them by the end of dinner.  Thank to all of you!

Sea's Second Week of Pre-school

I am going to have to keep track of all the fun activities that Sea does at pre-school on here because I don't have enough room on my refrigerator!!!  Hope you don't get tired of it! :)

Yes, Sea has his shirt on inside out.  He has been this way every single day that I have picked him up from school.  See, Sea thinks that when he goes poo he needs to be naked, so I guess pre-school is just right in the middle of his poo schedule!  I'm just glad that he doesn't ball all of his clothes up in his hands and just run out of the bathroom naked.  That's what he does at home!  Oh, and one time at Seagull books!!!  What fun it is to be a mom!!!!

I also do realize that I've been posting about Sea a lot and that poor Matai needs some posting time!  Don't worry, I promise I will get to it soon!!

More on Sea

So I forgot to tell you that on the first day of school I had forgotten Sea's backpack!!!  I didn't think it was a big deal until he told me...."Mom! Where's my backpack?"  He had seen all the other kids with theirs on.  So we had to take pictures again on the second day of school....With the backpack.  And this time he was first in line to go in and way excited to go!!! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sea's First Day of School

Sea's first day of pre-school was a week ago, Tuesday. I can't believe that my little man is old enough to go to school now. Where does the time go? He goes to school on Tuesday's and Thursdays from 9-11. While the weather is nice, I walk him to school and he was so excited to start.

Io had obviously JUST woken up.
Have I mentioned that during the week I don't wear make-up or fix my hair? I just don't see the point when I have no where really to go and when I van has no air conditioning so my hair just blows wild anyways.

This is where Sea goes to pre-school. She just has the school in her basement. It is way cute!

This is the ugly picture of me walking home. Sea went right in to school pretty much with no problems and he was fine. He was a little hesitant at first and then I just said, "They're leaving you and they are going to play with the toys downstairs!" So he walked off, head hanging low, but I knew he was going to love it. But still this was me walking back home. I know......give me a break right? I couldn't help it....I was sending my baby off by himself. For those that know me well know that the only people that Sea has ever stayed with have been my mom and dad and once with Leah and once with Stephanie. I think that is it. So it was hard for me. I'm a baby!!

He was so funny running out. He had had such a good time there. And the candy didn't hurt either! LOL

This is Mrs. Amber, his teacher!

Matai Can Sleep Anywhere!

We've been talking so much about Sea, I fell like. So here are more of the funny ways that Matai can fall asleep. Enjoy!

Sea's Date with Mommy and Leah

This was two weeks ago. Me and Leah took Sea to see Kung Fu Panda at the Dollar Theater because he was starting school the next week, I felt he needed just some "Sea" time. He was excited all day long to go and then was quite a little stinker while we were there. Oh well! LOL I tried!

Thanksgiving Point

I know I've posted before about Thanksgiving Point before, but this was the first time that Matai was an active participant. I met my friends Kim and Melanie there and 'Aisea and Matai met their friends 'Ami and James there. Here is Matai on the horse. I think I'm more excited for him than he is (and he was having a blast)!

'Ami on the horse. He looks thrilled! LOL

Viliami and his mommy, Kim.

Jamsey and his mommy, Melanie.

James wasn't sure about that big ol' horse.

Sea feeding the goats corn.

Matai was very interested in these goats.