Friday, November 9, 2007

Gender roles and motor skills!

Last night I was trying to clean up the hellish mess that 'Aisea had made in his room (he decided to pull every book he has off of the bookshelf). I put Matai on the floor beside me laying on his back. I was stacking books in piles so that I could organize them and Sea was taking books off of each stack to read. All of a sudden Matai rolled over onto his belly. I thought....."it must have been a fluke". So I put him back on his back and a few minutes later he rolled onto his stomach again!! So my three month old can roll over!
The other story I have is.......I was driving yesterday and as we were leaving Io's work, Io told Sea to be a good boy to which Sea responded "Yes Ma'am". Then we were driving away and a lady was walking across the parking lot and Sea says "HE's walking, Mommy". So I explained to him that "mommy is a she, daddy is a he, mommy is a ma'am, daddy is a sir". Then I asked him..."What is mommy"? He said......"Mommy is a SHEEP"! But what he meant was mommy is a she......... and beautiful and skinny!!! LOL Sea always has a way of making me laugh until my stomach hurts!


Kim Fifita said...

That is hilarious!

And congratulations to Matai! He's growing up so fast!

Kim Fifita said...

Update your blog already! ;-)