Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up............The Hunts

So for the next few days I will be playing a bit of catch up.  First, right after Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of spending some time (not enough time) with our good friends Joe and Stephanie Hunt.  They were only here for and evening, spent the night and had to leave the next morning, but we loved having them here!
We endured the cold weather and went to Temple Square to see the lights.  We didn't stay too long because the kids didn't love it like we thought they would.  All poor little Macayla wanted to do was see the statue of Christ and we didn't get to because it was so crowded.  Sad!  They did take her back before they left town the next morning!

Then they took all of us to dinner for Ioane's birthday (which was on Thanksgiving day).  They took us to to Io's favorite restaurant, Chili's.  Thanks y'all!  It was a very nice visit and we were sad to see them head on out, back to Texas!  We did know that we would get to see them again at Christmas time!  


devri said...

Can you play catch up with my blog too?

So my hubby said, why are you hatin' on palangi's who have been to Tongan.. I replied..

Cuz they can't speak Tongan..

What evah.. Still jelous...


gigi said...

They are a cute family. Glad the little one got to see Christ.

devri said...

I wish I lived closer, so I can teach you. it is so much easier to hear than just listen or read it.

oops. so that is a yes...

I can't speak any language but that one. I have spent over 11 years learning. WE go to a Tongan speaking ward, and love it dearly.

Are you jelous..


devri said...

I' Tonga.

email me at makadevri at and I will tell.

Latu-Vaki Family said...

cute pics. your kids are getting so big. Oh and i saw your comment on kaits blog. don't worry, your husband is not the only one who doesn't want to be a citizen.