Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack! it took me a week and a half, but I'm now done with all three books. Sorry I got a little obsessed with them! I seriously could not put them down though. Today, I will post a bit and then I REALLY need to clean my much neglected house and play with my semi-neglected kids! LOL
So, I just have to say this about the books and then I'm done talking about them. When I first heard that they were about vampires and warewolves, I had no desire to read them, because technically......that's just not my thing. But everyone kept talking about how good they were! Seriously.......I was hearing it from everywhere it seemed like. Almost like the books wanted me to read them and were sending subtle hints! :)
So when my parents came, I thought, I actually have some free time now that I could pick up a book and when I went to look for one at Seagull books and was staring at me and it wanted me to buy it. So I did!
So.....the auther graduated from BYU and is LDS so the books are clean! Which is good, but I do have to say, there were times when I was reading that I just thought....."come on and just do it already!" I guess when I read all morals I have go out the window!! LOL
But anyways........I guess what I wanted to say was that if you haven't read them yet and your thinking about it then I would recommend them! I will say, they are not a hard read and are written for youth. That is my favorite kind of book to where I don't have to think much. So if you are the same........then what are you waiting for???? Go get obsessed today!!!!
P.S. It is a beautiful love story in between all the vampire and warewolf stuff!


Sants said...

I am one of about four people that I know who don't think these books are the BEST WRITTEN BOOKS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

I have a LONG list of reasons why, but in short, I disliked the treatment of parents (probably why teens love them), the must-have-you-at-any-cost stalking relationship (not healthy and not real love), it was full of BYU sexual angst, I wasn't crazy about my teens reading about people who were desperate to do the nasty and Bella begging Edward (AGGGG my 15 year old son read that - great!), and last but not least: I could not get over the fact that Bella would have periods and what would Edward do then? Never discussed, not that it should be.

But I did like the books as far as quick fast fun reads. Just too much sexual angst for me to be happy my teens read it. They already live in that world, I am sure.

If you are SO desperate to hear more (yes, there's more) of my opinion on these books, click on the Goodreads link on my blog and you can read it there :).

Anyway, the big question really is:

Edward or Jacob?

I am all about Jacob. Dark, warm beats light and cold everyday. Since you are married to a Polynesian, I am predicting that you would choose Jacob also?

I am currently reading Stephenie Meyer's science fiction about aliens called, "The Host". The jury is out so far, but I just started it.

OH, and I am SO glad you are back!

Sheila said...

Elizabeth, I'm with you. I know it's wrong the with premarital relations and I hate all the sexual stuff in movies, shows, etc, but I was thinking, just do it already. Probably if they did, the book wouldn't be so good.
I also agree with the previous post. I don't like the sexual stuff in there (at the same time as liking it). The books were written for a younger audience, but I wouldn't want my children reading them at a young age. I'm thinking adults that have been through this is the perfect age :)
I'm torn between Jacob and Edward. I wanted her to pick Edward the first time through, but the second time, I was kind of leaning toward Jacob. I think I'm into the bad boy and Edward is just too good. I'm excited for the next one.

Amy said...

I'm glad you're back, missed you. As far as the books, never heard of them, it's that rock I live under!

Tuita Family said...

Okay... so maybe I just don't care because I don't have teenagers yet, but, like you Elizabeth, I just wanted Edward to give in and do it already! Aren't I horrible? Usually when I watch a movie or read a book w/ sex scenes I hate it and even get embarassed, but in this book, I was all for the WRONG decision. And actually while I was reading, I remember thinking "it's just a book, my beliefs on premarital relations don't matter"- I guess that was the devil in me =).

Elizabeth said...

LOL......I love all the opinions!!! So here it is......Tifani, if I had teenagers, I probably would feel VERY different about the books and NO, I wouldn't want them to read it either! I totally thought about the whole period thing too (LOL), and the treating of the parents I didn't even notice, once again probably because I only have very little ones!!
But right now, probably because I am the devil incarnate) I agree with Sheila and Kristi completely!!!
Oh and I am TOTALLY routing for Edward. If she doesn't end up with him I'll be crushed!!! :)

Anonymous said...

OK--I have to join the book discussion so I don't feel left out (lol) -- No, I haven't read these books, so I don't have much of an opinion, but I stole them away from my little sister (21) because she got So obsessed w/them she was reading them through for like the 3rd time! (I told her I'd give her them back once she's read the Book of Mormon through 3 times - lol ..btw, NO, I'm not a molly mormon, and not self-righteous, but I though enough is enough!) I did read the first couple chapters and thought it was kind of juvinile & dumb and quit. -But I probably felt prejudice because it reminded me of my Sister's annoying goth/vampire wannabe friend who I can't stand :p - So I guess this book is what you make of it, but I've seen too many people be overly obsessed w/them to take them seriously. (You know, I've read a couple Anita Stansfield books--another LDS author writing love stories and I thought they were cheesy and dumb, too)--I guess they're all just not w/in my taste. (Sorry--I left a novel here :p

Anonymous said...

...Bofore my novel, what I meant to tell you, Elizabeth, is that Kristy and Ramsay are coming down in Aug all us BYU-H alumnians need to plan a get-togther! Fun, fun!

gigi said...

Glad you are baaaaccckkk!

iMaLLheaRt said...

glad you're back! I was wondering what happened to you! I like the books but I'm really not that opinionated about it. I just enjoy them for what they were. I really liked them and I like reading so it was good. I don't know who she should pick but I think she's going to end up with Edward. Doesn't she have a 4th book that's coming out?