Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Those of you that know me well, know that Lost is my very favorite show. When I lived in Hawaii, I was out driving the North Shore with my friends (Kim, Melanie and Kaytee) when we came across a crashed plane on the beach. We waited and waited to see what it was going to be in and then we finally saw previews for Lost. I've been a devoted fan ever since!
I have so many questions about tonight's episode and I'm putting them out there for all those who watch.
1. Why did Kate change her mind?
2. Where the crap is Aaron?
3. How did Hurley get out of jail?
4. Is Sun just leaving her baby behind?
5. Why do they keep including the guy who looks kind of like Syid (however you spell his name) only with short hair, in the plot? Is he special? Did I miss something?
6. Who beat up Ben and why is nobody questioning it? Was it Desmond because Ben was trying to kill Penny?
7. Why don't Walt have to go back?
8. Did anybody else think the letter from John was going to say not to go back to the island?
Okay......that is all I have for now. I would love to hear you views! I know the questions will be answered in time, but sometimes I wonder if i miss things that other catch. So.....HELP!!!!!

Oh I thought of two more............
1. Is Kate going to run back to Sawyer and was she telling Jack on the plane that "they were NOT together"?
2. Did seeing Waimea Falls make YOU want to return to the island??? LOL


gigi said...

I guess no one had any answers for you. I don't watch it. Some times I really wish I did.

huntfamily said...

Man...I gave up on LOST a looooong time ago. Way too much for my little brain to handle.

Amanda said...

I have the same questions. It's actually starting to annoy me. Instead of answering questions they just seem to be creating more.

Anonymous said...

That's what Lost does, Amanda--Lol
...Well, my theories are as good a yours but I'll share: (a novel for you to read):

1.My guess with Kate's love triangle is that eventually Jack or Sawyer will die (playing the hero) & she'll end up with the one she's going to stay with...But I bet some fireworks are yet to come with Sawyer--especially because he wanted Kate back so bad. -idk what she meant by her little comment.

2. Where the crap is Aaron?! -I know right!...maybe someone is holding him hostage, or maybe somehow Claire's got him back...but Kate seems kind of dark since she lost him & decided to go back.

3. How did Hurley get out of jail?...I think he just got out on bail then took off--remember that lawyer Ben had?..he was saying they couldn't hold Hurley...and he was also the same lawyer that was trying to get Aaron--which I think Ben employed him to scare her into taking Aaron back to the island so she wouldn't lose him...but then that's obviously not what happened (see...told you, your guess is as good as mine--or probably better, lol)

4. Is Sun just leaving her baby behind?...looks like it--just leaving her w/grandma--she's more focused on getting Jin back.

5. No, you didn't miss anything w/that Arabic details there, but he looks like bad news to me. --I want to know who that woman is Sayid had with him(?)

6. Who beat up Ben and why is nobody questioning it?--maybe they still hate him & like seeing him beat up, haha...I thought it had to do with Widmore since they are rivaling for the island.

7. Why donesn't Walt have to go back?--idk, maybe he does...Lock came to see him--he told Hurley that Jeremy Bentham (or whatever his Alias was) came to see him...but that begs the question--what's going to happen since they couldn't get everyone to go back (at least it seems Aaron wasn't going back--and Walt...Eloise said the results would be unpredictable)

8. Did anybody else think the letter from John was going to say not to go back to the island?--I didn't make any predictions there actually. -But maybe Jack will start "believing" now.

*Did seeing Waimea Falls make YOU want to return to the island?--YES!!! Let's Go!!

So in next week's preview they said they were going to tell Lock's story of how he died--I'm actually not real interested in that...although I do want to know how the time gap is working--do the few days of flashed on the island equal the 3 years that the 6 have been back on the mainland? -- It looks like they're going to go back & answer the questions of how & why all the people who came back did... I've gotten used to flash-forwards...not wanting flashbacks again - just want to see what happens on the Island now that they went back!!

(Oh & I think I might copy this & put it on my blog to save time ;)

Tasha Guinn said...

We are huge fans of Lost and although I get frustrated at the time in between season's, it still sucks me back in every time. Lots of good questions and comments. Will have to wait to Wed!

christina clark said...

oh man, those questions are so true. it seems every episode they answer a couple and then create a whole bunch more ... yet i continue watching, thinking that one time, they are going to answer them all. totally addicted.

Nichols Family said...

Great picture of Waimea falls!!! Did you know my husband was a cliff diver there for a year? That's one way he put himself through school. Yes, it was the loin cloth that hooked me;) Ahh... some days I just really miss Hawaii!
Also, you totally rocked my world when you said your son's birth weight was MORE than BOTH my children added together!!! I can't even imagine that, seriously. woooooooooh.