Monday, June 9, 2008

The rest of Yellowstone

We were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt and it went from somewhat warm, to cold, to snow, and then back to somewhat warm again!

Matai took right to Mimi!

Two peas in a pod!!  I think that Poppy is 'Aisea's favorite person in the whole wide world!!!

The sun was obviously in our faces when we were taking these pictures!
These were taken next to our hotel.  The snow was sooooooo high!  Sea loved it!


gigi said...

These are great pictures and that is a LOT of SNOW!
So glad you are back and didn't get eaten by those ole bears!

huntfamily said...

oh my gosh your boys are ADORABLE!

Hunt Family said...

Well, everytime I see more pictures I get jealous all over again. I am glad that you got to have a good time with your parents and now with them moving to the west coast hopefully you will get to see them more!!!

Elizabeth said...

Well the moving to the west coast is not set in stone yet! We are still waiting to hear the final verdict on that one!

Tuita Family said...

Okay... your boys are soooo CUTE! They are going to be trouble when they get older!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mama told me the the whole "move" situation and quite frankly I guess I'll be sad either way:( Prayer, prayer, prayer is all I can say and by the way these photos are WAYYYY cute!!!!!

Kimberly said...

She has returned! Finally! Great pics. LOVE the one of Sea and Poppy. LOL.