Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vil-nami's Birthday Party

Viliami turned two this past week and Kim and Sione had a big party for him. We all had lots of fun as you will be able to tell from the pictures below! Isn't Viliami a cutie?

This is the view we had from where the party was. It was pretty if you didn't think about why the water was actually green instead of blue! LOL This is Utah Lake!
Then all of the fun began. Kim had bought a big water slide for the kids to play on. Sea played on it for six hours straight!! He LOVE it! He also loved playing with Leka Aho. They just seemed to be the best of friends. I'm glad she was there to intertain him!! Thank Leka!
We just chilled under the pavilion and chatted. The shade kept us nice and cool and it was good to talk and hang out with those that I hadn't in a while! Matai just "hung" out too, but he was also busy trying to get into everything he should be! He is a stinker, that one! But all in all I think he also really enjoyed being outside!

Sea looks like he is crying in this picture, but he wasn't!

There is cute little James Tafea with Katie Aho. Isn't he sooo stinkin' cute??? He is just a big little guy. You should see the thighs on him!!! They are HUGE!

After all the cooking of the meat had ceased, all the boys decided it was time to play a little volleyball! They were very good to work around all the little ones that got in their way! :)

Here are Melanie’s feet and mine. I bought these shoes way back in 2004, when Dennis got married. A pair fro me and a pair for Melanie and I think mom got a pair too! They were only 5 bucks, but have turned out to be the best pair of shoes!!! I thought it was funny that we both wore ours shoes that day!

Sea got a good little "tan” by the end of the day, that really turned out to be a burn. I even applied 50 SPF sunscreen 10 minutes before he got in and then reapplied later that day and he still got burnt!!!

Matai and Ioane had both "had it". They were beat!! I had very tired and grouchy kids by the end of the day. We had another birthday party to go to that night for Iva Hunt, but because the kids were so grouchy and tired and because the air conditioner in our van decided to quit working, we didn't get to go. (Sorry Kaitlyn and Iva.....hope you had a great party and Happy Birthday!!!)

P.S. Ioane does not have a black or swollen eye. He was just making a face for the camera!

Here are the boys at the end of the day, trying to put away the big water slide. I'm not sure who won the battle, the boys or the slide???


Claudia said...

I want a bouncy thing in my backyard!!!

Amy said...

That water slide thing looks like a blast! Looks like good times were had by all! Happy Birthday Viliami!

Sants said...

WOW!! That looks like it was a great party! I LOVE that waterslide and so would my kids! What a great idea!

It looks like the kids had a good time.

The view of Utah Lake is pretty. About 25 years ago I went waterskiing there and the wake from the boat was frothy green. It took us all day to clean the crap off the outside of the boat. We never went there again. It looks nice, just don't touch it (or smell it).

I miss my Utah mountains. Must go hug a pinetree to feel better ...

gigi said...

Your pictures are so pretty and bright! I loved this post. I love you new wallpaper! I clicked on it up in your corner and went and got one for myself!! After 6 months of bloggin, I finally learned how to change the back ground, thanks to you and yours!!! Yea!! (the kids pictures in their red shirts looks so good with the new background too!)

Hunt Family said...

It really looks like you all had a great time!That picture of Ioane and Matai is so stinkin cute. What a beautiful picture of the mountains. I really miss that about NV, it is just so flat out here. And even though I love my Sierra Nevadas, sometimes there is nothing prettier then the mountains in UT

Hunt Family said...

The stinkin cute picture was the first one where Matai is smiling, not the one where Ioane looks like he has a black eye,just in case I had to clarify.

Anonymous said...

That really was a fun get-togetehr & Those pics turned out great!! I'm glad you posted them...I might have to steal a couple if that's OK :) ...Oh, and I made the stuffing chicken dinner you put on my cooking blog last night...everyone LOVED it!!--thanks for that!...I need to get more people to put recipes on--it's nice to get new ideas.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for coming! It was awesome having you there, of course! And thanks for all the pics--I stole all of them, I think! :-)