Sunday, April 6, 2008

And the winner is......

So I am copying from other peoples blogs because I'm not creative enough to come up with my own stuff.  So from Amanda's blog, I got the idea to have the contest and the idea to have my son pull the winning name.  Thanks Amanda!!
Congratulations Tifani!!!!  You can let me know what you like/dislike and I can see what I can do.....i.e.  I don't want to buy anything with nuts if you don't like nuts!!

And from another contest that I was in, from this blog, I got the idea to send out a consolation prize! So for every one who did not win, if you EMAIL me (please don't leave your address in the comments) I will send a mix CD that I have made.  I can't promise that you will like the music, but hey it's free!  Give it a try!

This is only open to the twelve people who actually put their name in for the contest!

For those who don't know my email address......all you have to do is click on the little envelope at the bottom of this post and that will send you comment to my email!  Thank you all who played!!!!


Amanda said...

I totally want a cd. And I don't like nuts. Oh, I guess that doesn't matter since I didn't win. Congrats Tif. You're the best.

I like how you took a shot of the name on the paper. Otherwise, I might have thought you just liked Tifani the best.

gigi said...

I think that you ran a fair contest. Congrats to Tiffany. Maybe I'll copy both of you and do that for my 100th post. Thanks for the fun.

Aramie Randall said...

I don't know if I put my name into the contest, but I want a mixed cd! Also, since you are my blogging mentor, how do I make a link to another website within my blog? For example: click here to see..... how do I make the word "here" lead to another website? You are fantastic! I love Elizabeth Tinney-Tongi! I hope I spelled your married name right.

Kimberly said...

I was robbed! Was my name even in the mix? ;-)

Skinner Family said...

Of course I remember you!! So good to see you and your family. You have the cutest little boys I've ever seen. It looks like all is going well for you. We sure are a long was from the BYUH bookstore. Thanks for saying hello.

Sants said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! (I just squealed and I never squeal!) I can't believe I won!

I am so happy! Thank you Sea!! I owe you, man. I'll remember you when you are a missionary, serving in a far away land and hungry for news from home.

I would like to thank Wendi, once again, for bringing us all together. I would also like to thank Kim for saying to me, "Hey, my friend Elizabeth wants to be invited to your blog." And starting the whole friendship.

I would like to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet. Without him, this couldn't have happened.

I love See's! My grandma used to buy us the chocolate suckers. I like all the See's chocolate (esp nuts!!) except the fruit filling ones. I will email you my address!

Thank you!

The Clanton Gang said...

So, that means I get a little See's loving, too, right? I mean, I am the creator of your newfound friendship. Teeheehee...just kidding! Congrats, Tifani.

And I'll take a CD, Elizabeth. :) Thank you very much.