Thursday, April 10, 2008


You know just when you think things are going pretty smooth ( and by smooth, I certainly don't mean perfect ) something comes along and slaps you in your face.  In our case this literally happened to Ioane.  Let me begin at the beginning!  
Tuesday night, Matai wakes up crying, which isn't unusual, except this time he was up crying from 3-6am.  THAT is not normal.  Then Sea wanted an inu (drink) at 7am and then Matai got up again at 8am.  I didn't go to bed until 12am (I know, stupid me) so I was exhausted!!   
All of yesterday he was fine, so we don't know what was wrong with him.  Maybe teething or an upset stomach or something.
I was supposed to drive Ioane to a conference downtown and then go spend the day with my friend Jen, but I was too tired to do anything.  So I gave Io directions, said a little prayer (he's not used to driving downtown) and sent him on his way.  He made it there just fine and the day seemed to be going okay because I even got 'Aisea to lay down and take a nap.  (Not an easy task these days)  Then I woke up from my nap and the sad times began. (Okay....I'm being a little dramatic here)
First of all before I go any further with my story let me just tell you a couple things.  I am soooooo grateful that my husband is okay and nothing REALLY bad happened to him.  I don't know what I would ever do without him!!!
And then, as most of you know, we only have ONE car that we share between the two of us.
Here is a picture of this car that has driven us mad over the past few years!  It has been good to us, but it has also been really bad to us too!

So anyway.....on with the story.  I wake up from my nap and Ioane is sitting on the couch with his lips swollen  and a bruise on his chin.  He tells me that he was in an "accident"  then says....well not an accident, but I was driving downtown and I was doing about 45-50 miles per hour.  All of a sudden, I see a rock in the road.  There were cars on both sides of me so I had no choice but to hit it.  When I did "the bag popped out of the honker" (translation:  The airbag deployed from out of the horn/steering wheel...LOL)   I asked him about how big the rock was and he holds up his hands to show me.  So from what he showed me it was about the size of a cantaloupe.  He tried to call me eight times, but I was at home enjoying my nap and never heard my phone ring, so he called my mom.  She was able to talk him through it.  
Here is a picture of him when he got home.  Thank goodness!

Now my husband does have pretty full lips, but not usually THIS full.  Poor guy!  He said his face was numb for awhile from the airbag!
So, he was able to drive the van home and then he had to go to our apartment's front office too and was able to drive the van there.  But don't you know that as soon as I need some cole slaw for my slaw dogs for dinner and have to go to KFC to get some.........It won't start!!!!  I just break down in the car.  I'm bawling hysterically because well lets just face it......we're poor!!!!  And I'm just stressed!  So I called a some people, who never answered their phones.......I won't mention any names (Kim and Mom).  So I had to unload all of my stress onto Leah.  I come back upstairs and Io calls Leah to see if she would come jump the car.  She, being the gracious soul she is, came right away.  We got the van running last night and then went to go get dinner and then came back and checked and the car still had power.  But to no avail, we woke up this morning to a dead car!!!  
So I have to go get it fixed.  More money that we don't have.  How are we ever supposed to get out of debt when stuff like this seems to happen all the time to us???  Anyway.....thanks for letting me complain to you!! 
Oh and one more picture of our "honker"  LOL.  
And P.S.  The "honker" no longer works!


Aramie Randall said...

I'm so sorry Elizabeth. I too am dirt poor and the financial struggles never seem to end, do they? I feel your pain. I have to say that the picture gave me a good laugh. Hope things are looking up soon. I promise you that if I am ever wealthy I will share the wealth with all of my friends who need help! Love you.

Chad and Nicole said...

Your poor little van. I am sorry about your troubles. If there is something that I can do to help let me know. I can be your shuttle to get around.

TheDaleys said...

Life's a b*$%h and then you die. Wise words from a wise man...I think it was my father. He is full of little gems like that.

I am really glad Io was okay. I've been really worried about safe driving lately. Be careful and don't text while you drive. I am trying to knock that off. It is really difficult to give up.

And remember....I never hate you, I just lack people skills.


Amanda said...

He looked like 'The Rock' in that picture. Also, did he fold that airbag neatly and put it back in the steering wheel? I'm on the phone with Guiness book of world records letting them know a man folded something and put it up.

I've had many days like that. At least you know tomorrow has GOT to be better, right?

Kimberly said...

That so super sucks, but I'm really, really glad that Ioane is okay. It could have been so much worse! That he could pull over and not actually get into an accident after that happened is a testament to his ability to "stay cool."

And I'm really sorry I didn't answer my phone! I had left it upstairs, and I was downstairs getting beat up (pinched and bit) by my kid. Good times.

Claudia said...

Oh GOD! That BLOWS! You are lucky though, think about it, it could have been SO much worse. We aren't rich either by any means, but hell, I'll bike my fat ass to and from places if it means I get to live and those I love do too. What a nightmare. And btw, honker? Made me giggle. Hard. (( hugs )) Here is to everything working out. It will. It always does. Somehow.

Sants said...

Oh man, I have been where you guys are SO many times!!!! (One time, we were meeting at my parent's house and Larry was driving up after work - I had the 86 Suburban, he had the 91 Dodge ... something small and 4 door. ANYWAY, when he FINALLY got to my mom's (late) the first thing he said was, "the good news is, I'm okay." I KNEW that was the good news, but seriously, I was FREAKING out about the car that had a $500 deductible! So I know you can be thankful things weren't worse and mad they happened at the same time.

I don't know how but it does all eventually work out.

I am so sorry for your crappy day!

Love, Tif

gigi said...

Wow, first I must say that slaw dawgs are a really cheap opption for dinner. And KFC has the best slaw by far. My favorite, way to watch the budget.

I think that satan knows when we are broke and down and out because that is when he most rears his ugly head. But I must say that I am proud of you for looking at your blessings and trying to stay positive. Remeber the Lord knows and He is building your character one problem at a time.

Amanda is right, your sweetie does look like the Rock in that picture. And honker really made me laugh. I wasn't laughing at you but with you. And one more thing, maybe there could be a magic trick to pull some money out of some where?!?

Now all you need is for it to snow tonight. Sorry for your troubles, spring is ahead! Love you...

iMaLLheaRt said...

Bummer Liz! I totally know what mean about having no money and now tie that with living in Hawaii where everything costs and arm and a leg! I'm just glad everything is ok! Remember what it says in the scriptures when you're feeling low...
"And it came to pass..." not "it came to stay..."

christina clark said...

i love "the bag popped out of the honker," that is great!good to hear that Ioane is okay. thanks for telling me your email so i could add you to my blog.

echoeve said...

I am so sorry Elizabeth. Sometimes life just sucks, but there is always tomorrow.

betsy said...

Elizabeth! Man, that is a stressful story. Hopefully everything will work out. Where are you living these days? Your boys are too cute.

Amy said...

So glad Io is ok. I have to admit, "honker" made me lol too! Is it a dead battery that is now causing you the problems? It will all work out... Call me if you need to vent, cry, whatever. Love ya!

The Hunt Family said...

I am sooo sorry that happened. But really glad that Io is ok. Just keep moving forward, easier said then done I know, but the good times will come. That was Joe and I a few years ago, one thing after another. It has been eight years since we have been married and we are just know starting to breath a little easier, so like I said, hang in there it will get better. Love you all

Aramie Randall said...

As I was trying to get to sleep last night I thought about the magazine offer and secretly hoped that you win. After all, you have been so instrumental in my choice to become a blogger. Without your guidance I would still just be thinking all of these things instead of typing them for the world to see!

Aramie Randall said...

Wow- I think I'm your biggest fan! I just wanted to tell you that you've done it again- you taught me something cool! I was finally able to add a link to my post today. Thank you!!!!!

Leah said...

I feel your pain. Stay strong!

Tasha Guinn said...

I am so sorry. That must have been so scary for IO, but like you said, thank goodness he is o.k.