Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a winner, No, not a weiner!!!

Gosh, I've never received an award before!! Well, unless it was church related and those you had to work for and were not really a surprise. (I like surprises!)
First, I'd like to thank God, (begins to cry) without him I wouldn't be on this earth and in a position to receive such an awesome award. :)
Second, I would like to thank my family for sacrificing time with me so that I can take time to blog. I love you!!! (Blows a kiss)
Third, I would like to thank Amanda for recognizing my talents and hard work and for giving me this award!! (crying so hard I can't speak for a minute)
And fourth, I'd like to thank all of my fans that read my blog and leave comments. Without you it wouldn't be nearly as fun. (Hits chest and throw out the "peace out" sign)

Ok now, seriously, I really do feel special that Amanda gave me this award. So thank you!! So she said the only rule is that you pass it on. So I just have to say that I'm going to pass it on and don't get offended if you didn't get picked. I couldn't give everyone here was the criteria that I went by:
1. You have to post VERY often and these people post almost every day or everyday!
2. You have to comment on my blog VERY often. That's it. And the winners are:
Kim: You update as much as I do and I love reading your blog, unless it's about yodelling pickles or redneck friends! :)
Aramie: Even though you have just started really blogging, I appreciate the fact that you have started posting everyday. I enjoy reading what you write!
Gigi: You update your blog with something fun to read everyday and you leave great comments and you even send out additional emails....way to go the second mile!
Tifani: I know we have never met, but I feel like I know you and I'm glad that we have mutual friends that have brought us together to be "blogging buddies". You leave the most wonderful comments and I enjoy your blog also.
And last but not least I have to send it back to Amanda because I absolutely love her blog. It makes me laugh and she always comments on mine which I am very grateful for! Thank you again!!! Much Love!


Leah said...


Amanda said...

Leah should totally post more often. Then she can get an award.

Anyway, that was HILARIOUS! Good job with your acceptance speech. I got a little misty...from laughing so hard. Your the best!!

The Tinney Family said...

I also think that I deserve an award b/c I think I may be the only male out there that is currently running his families entire blog so with that I thank you.

gigi said...

I feel very honored to share this award with you! You did an awesome job with your acceptance speech!
You had better watch out you might end up with a F award for funny. I gave Leah one.

Amy said...

What about me???? JK! I have a long way to go to match you in the blogging world, ha! Loved your speech!

Sants said...

I think Amanda did this so she could get the See's Candy. (No offense, Amanda, I don't know you, I just know that I wish I had done this and it would be for added chance of getting the See's candy :).) Although, your blog IS excellent (!!!!) and it deserves the award fair and square! Yea you!!

But that is second to ....

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am so overwhelmed! I would like to thank Wendi, who ultimately brought us all together. (Press fingers to lips as I gain control of my emotions here.)

Love, Tif

Margie said...

How about me my blog is great!HAHA Well it will be someday

Aramie Randall said...

Holy Jalapeno! Is this what being a celebrity feels like? I think it must be. I am so deeply honored! Thank you, Elizabeth, for your nomination. I detest journal keeping, so my tenacious blog-writing is puzzling to me. Maybe it's like MySpace and I'll run out of gusto after a few months. I want all the seasons of Malcom In The Middle. Have you ever seen it? It's hilarious. I have all of the available seasons of King of the Hill too. There are only 6 out on dvd. Oh- I also have all the seasons of 21 Jump Street. Yes, I have an absurd amount of dvds. I forgot to mention dvds in my ramble about not buying clothes. I love you and thanks again for helping me get started in the world of blogging.

The Clanton Gang said...

I should totally get an award!
First, because without me you wouldn't know Tifani (thanks, for the shut-out Tif)
Second, because I've known you for like 15 years (Man, we're old)
But mostly because I'm totally fabulous! :)

The Clanton Gang said...

SHOUT OUT---not shut out. I gotta start proofing before I publish!

Kimberly said...

Man, I can't believe I haven't posted my acceptance speech yet!

First, I'd like to thank all the little bloggers who made this possible. I had to step on you to make my way to the top, and it was so worth it.

Second, I'd like to thank my questionable work ethic that allows me to post to my blog while at work every day.

Third, I must thank my ability to write about absolutely nothing--without which I would not have a blog!

Thank you! Thank you!