Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Children's Museum

Yesterday we got to go to the Children's Museum with our new friends Kim, Brenden and Talan. We had a blast there! Me and Kim got to talk and get to know each other better while Brenden and 'Aisea played and Talan and Matai watched/slept.
Here is a picture of Brenden (working the top crane) and 'Aisea (working the bottom crane) in the construction area of the museum. They loved the little fireman costumes. It did make 'Aisea hot though and by the time we took it off, his head was a sweaty mess, but he loved it!! We all know how easily 'Sea sweats!
Then the other pictures of the horse were taken in their farm/garden area.
They also had a water area that had balls floating in it that looked like bubbles and there were different courses you could send them on.
There was a suppermarket that they could grocery shop in and even check out centers.
They also had a new desk, a truck/gas station, a small house, a learning center, a helicopter, a craft center, a stage and costumes, ect.......
Needless to say, there was sooo much to do that we didn't even get to do everything that there was to do!! We will be going back here to play for sure!!!