Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well that is the last of our Christmas Vacation pictures. Now I have to tell you what happened last night when me and Kim attended a TOPS meeting. TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly! It is only $24 a year to join and is supposed to be comparable to Weight Watchers, I've heard!
First of all, when we walked in, we noticed that we were by far the youngest people there. Not that that's a problem, just an observation. We sat down and listened as they proceeded to go over about 26 pages of things that they had printed off of msn health. So many different topics that my head was spinning! Then they were done! So I asked "durning the week, how do we keep track of if we eat too much"? She said, "Just write everything down and you will know if you've eaten too much or too little, you'll look at what you've written down and just know"! Ok.....not at all what the website for TOPS says!
The "leader" who was the lady that gave the lesson also, came over to talk to us. She told us that are real laid back and that she has been a member for three years and only lost 8 lbs. She said that they are mostly there for the support. Well if she's only lost 8 lbs in three years then (hello) the support ain't workin'!!!! She also told us that if there is ever a fifth monday in the month that they weigh-in and then don't talk about anything dealing with weight loss, they play bingo!
So needless to say, I won't be joining that chapter. I need much more structure than that!! We are going to check out one more meeting, but if it is the same way, then I'm just going to have to suck it up and find money somewhere to get my butt back to Weight Watchers!!


Kim Fifita said...

Good times, good times.