Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun Times Swimming

Sorry that I am posting about things so long ago, but I need them on my blog!  I'm getting to the recent stuff, I promise!  All of the kids LOVE to swim so we spent some fun time at the hotel pool!  These are just some fun pictures from that.
Matai just chillin'.
As all of you know, I was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons for years and I start my children going under water at four months old (only because they are so big, if they weren't I would wait till they were six months old).  My only rules are that my kids never be afraid of the water and learn how to swim well........and join swim team and go on to be Olympian.........LOL  just kidding!!  Sort of!  LOL  Anyways,  I just have to say how proud I was of 'Aisea (who is three).  He learned to swim all by himself this summer.  From one end of the pool to the other with no help!!
Dale and Ashlee
Dennis throwing Cody.
Kim and Viliami


Erin said...

If we lived closer I would so hire you to work with Dallin. He swims but I have always wanted him to have some private lessons.

Char said...

Fun! None of my kids swims even a little. Year round school really messes with swimming lessons.

Canadian Ainu'u's said...

Okay, Aisea is amazing!!! I tried teaching Wesley this summer, but it didn't work. He wants to jump and go all over but he can't. That is really impressive!

Tawnya said...

Elizabeth I love your blog! I love to blog too! I found you on Facebook. Your boys are adorable! We have two cuties now too. You have to check out our blog -
You have to tell me how you got the cute background. Mine is kind of boring. I need some pizzaz! email me at
How are your parents? - Tawnya (Walker) Scherck

Anonymous said...

Just glad you're back :) Fun to see your posts!

Sants said...

I need to pay you to teach my boys how to swim. How are you with kids with cerebral palsy?

My kids LOVE hotel pools!

Great pictures, thanks for posting them!

gigi said...

I am so impressed and proud of you for teaching your little swimmer. Way to go! I love the picture of your little floater. He is so beautiful!

Nancy said...

Elizabeth, everyone looks happy in the pool. Glad such exciting things are happening with you are your family

Amy said...

We have the coolest family around (and friends)! Glad to see you blogging again. I will start again soon, I promise!