Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Matai Turns One

Matai had his first birthday party a couple weeks early because my family was in town. We are missing a lot of pictures of people. Amy has some AWESOME pictures that she sent to me on Kodak Easy Share, but I can not figure out how to download them to my comptuer from there. You'll have to settle for what I have and sorry if you got left out. A huge thank you to all who came and for the presents you brought!!

Yes my teeth are green and that was only from licking one finger! Ugggg.....who chose green frosting? Oh was me! Oooooops! :) Everyone's kids were pooping green the next day!

Above is little Miss Kynlee and below are Nicole, Amy and Dennis.
Cori, Dennis, Jeff and Christina Clark. Also, one of their little boys is there but i'm not sure if it's Ben or Rocco.
Chad Hoyt and his girls. I won't even try to type the name b/c I will butcher them. Well, okay, I'll try, but don't get mad, Nicole, when they are spelled wrong. I'll say sorry in advance. We have Taylin, McKinzley, Oaklee and Brexlyn.

Leka 'Aho
Rachael, Ryan, Leah, Dale, Kim, and Kim's relative? Sorry I forgot her name.

Poppy's flight came in in the middle of Matai's birthday party. Mom, Dale, Cody and 'Aisea went to get him while the rest of us stayed for the party and waited for their return!
These two will grow up to be the best of friends!
Excited to see Poppy!
Poppy, Cody, Dale and 'Aisea
'Aisea was Uncle Dale's bud!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Matai!! And that party looked kicken. Except for that green icing... It was good to see pics of Dennis and Jeff. Everybody looks good and looks happy.

Also, congrats to your brother and sister in law on the sealing. Those are special times.

And I'm glad you're back. I missed you.

Char said...

That kid is THE CUTEST!

Sants said...

I am sure you know this but I will say it anyway - the green frosting on your teeth is totally HAWT!!!

I crack myself up! Seriously, Matai is darling, your whole family is and I am SO GLAD that you are FINALLY posting again. It has been too long.

Love, Tif

da benally's said...

Wow, that was some potent icing. Happy Birthday to your oh so cute Matai. Glad to see your blogging again. Now if I could only figure out what to write on mine.

gigi said...

I love that you shared all these "fun good times" pictures with us! I love icing no matter what color! Gosh your boys are growing up to fast. They are just precious. I loved, loved being a mommy of two boys! They were 2 1/2 years apart and they were perfect buddies for each other.

Chad and Nicole said...

That was a fun party. Thanks for inviting us. And, you spelled all of my girls names right!!

TheDaleys said...

Wow! I am a fatty in that picture. Remove it at once!