Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Vegas Trip

As most of you already know, me and Kim went to Las Vegas this past weekend to audition for "The Biggest Loser". I know our chances are slim, but if you don't try then you have no chance, so we decided to give it a shot.

This is how our trip started. This picture was taken about 2 minutes away from my house. Maybe it was a good thing because for the most part, Kim's driving didn't scare me at all and that is not usual! :) (love you Kim!) But I think it made her slow down a little! Maybe??

This was the nice police officer that pulled us over. He clocked Kim doing 53mph in a 35mph zone, but only wrote her a ticket for 40mph in a 35mph zone. Gee---what a nice guy. We both think if we were skinny he would have not given us a ticket at all, but because we are fat........... I told him that we were two fat girls on our way to Vegas to audition for "The Biggest Loser" and he was kind enough to warn us about the speed trap from Filmore to Beaver. So that was nice of him too.

This is the front of the line. We were around the middle of the line. It took us 9 hours to get through it. They took in a group of 10 at a time and interviewed them for about 5 minutes. Me and Kim didn't feel that we had a good opportunity to show them who were are and they encouraged us to go home and make a video to send in, so we did. That will hopefully come later on my blog. I just need to figure out how to post it. It's long!

This is the back of the line.

'Aisea was great for the nine hours. He played in the rocks for as long as we were by the rocks and when we moved to a new line he made friends with what he calls his "favorite friend". She was great with him. They played together for a long time and she helped me to intertain him. Thank you 'Aisea's "favorite friend" Judy!

This is how Matai spent most of his day. Just chillin'!! He was really a good little boy!

Here is Kim waiting in line with our new friends. Funny thing.....we were surrounded by mormons. The two girl in front of us were from South Jordan and Lehi and the guys sitting with us were from Las Vegas, but also were mormons. They were also the two guys who had had gastric bypass and gain their weight back.

This is me waiting in line.


Kim Fifita said...

Wow! That sure is a lot of fat people! LOL.

Amanda said...

At least the police officer was cute...
Good luck getting on the show.

huntfamily said...

you guys are awesome! when do you find out if you're on the show?

Mindy said...

Taking two kids to stand in line for 9 hours is definitely dedication. They should let you be on the show just for that!