Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a cool day!!

We bought an annual pass to the zoo the other day.  It is nice to be able to get outside again!  There is a white alligator there right now.  Not to be mistaken as an albino alligator!  
There are only a handful of white alligators in the whole world!  It was cool to get to see him.

Then we went by Wal-Mart to grab a few things and low and behold the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile was there!!!  It doesn't get much better than this.  I've never seen it in person before so I had to take pictures!! LOL  
There was also a fire engine there.  It was cool.  But it would have been way cooler if there had been a Tony Stewart Car there.  :)  Poor little Matai in the car seat with his head poking up for the picture.  


Sants said...

We had a zoo pass when we lived in Utah. It was the best! The white alligator is so cool. I didn't know there was a difference between a white alligator and an albino one. Interesting.

Last time we were there we saw an owl, out of it's cage. We got to touch it's talons and feathers. It was really sharp and really soft.

The ZOO AND the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile in one day - utopia!!

Thank you so much for your nice words on my blog during the week of puking a lung! That was SO sweet of you!

Love, Tif

gigi said...

Speaking of Aligators we are taking Shelby and Reagan to the Aligator Farm in St. Augustine on Wednesday. I'm so excited! I haven't been since I took my boys when they were little! Have lots of fun at the Zoo this year!
Happy Easter.

Kristen said...

Yay~ That's soo fun! I love the zoo. William thought I was crazy, but one of our first dates was to the Honolulu zoo! I love it! And I've never seen a white alligator! Thanks for the pics!

Amanda said...

Why can't there ever be anything fun like that at my WalMart? The weiner mobile AND a fire truck. That was like the best day, ever. Elizabeth, I just can't tell you how cute those boys are. Matai's little head peeping up out of the carrier is adorable. You're in for it when they can both walk and run around.

Kimberly F said...

The white alligator is still there?! I want to see! We need to figure out a time when we can go.

Isn't Tifani a great blogging buddy? She always makes such great comments!