Monday, March 24, 2008

My little 'Aisea!

'Sea came and got me the other day to look at what he had wrote and he had written his name!!  What a smart boy.  He also knows all the presidents up until Bill Clinton.  I'll have to get that on video soon.  But it will be a long video!!  
Oh and to let you know.......His name does not have an "H" in it.  I don't know where he got that from.  We have never told him to spell it that way!!!

We just bought the Bee Movie and this song is in it and he loves it!  Sugar.  Honey, Honey.  You are my candy girl....and you got me watchin' you!  Just in case you needed translating!  LOL  Please excuse him picking his nose at the beginning, but when you live in Utah, you really can't help it!!  I used to laugh at people driving in cars, picking their noses and now I just look at them and think, "I feel ya"!  


Joe and Stephanie said...

Not only am I commenting, but I am the first one to comment on this way cute clip. I do love the picking of the nose at the beginning. He is soooo cute, but I knew that already I didn't just think that after watching the clip. Tell 'Sea that we all say hi and we will talk to you later.

Amy said...

Ok, explain the "Utah nose picking" thing to someone who has never been to Utah... I don't get it. But, really, doesn't everyone pick their nose???????

Elizabeth said...

Oh.....because it is so dry here, you get those dry, crusty boogers that you just have to pick!! LOL

Mindy said...

He is soo cute! And I have to say that your nose picking conversation is hilarious!

Amanda said...

I agree with mindy. It is pretty hilarious to discuss the nose picking.

gigi said...

American Idol! I think you've got a star on your hands!