Saturday, March 15, 2008

Canned Chicken

I just have to say that.......I have a Sam's Club membership and I love it! The membership itself costs less than Costco and I have found that over all the prices at Sam's are better than Costco. But I do go with Kim occasionally to Costco and they do have different stuff there than Sams and that is fun. But I have to say.......the Costco brand canned chicken is ten million times better than the Sam's canned chicken!! I really couldn't believe the difference! I am now converted to the Costco canned chicken for life!!!
This post is for two, I wanted everyone to know how much better Costco's chicken is and two, for Leah and Wendi to see that you really can post about anything!! JUST POST!!


huntfamily said...

i like costco better. i don't know why, but i do.

The Clanton Gang said...

ha ha ha
I have been super busy, just so you know. I also have the slowest computer around.
But seriously, I finally got the disk of pictures from my dad and I posted them today.
love ya, punk.

Amanda said...

Yuck. I cannot handle canned chicken. Although, there are some pampered chef recipes I do like it in. Like that brocolli ring. That is tastey. Now I'm heading over to Wendi's blog since she said she posted something...

Sants said...

Hi, I am Wendi's and Kim's friend and she said that you wanted an invitation to my blog, so I sent you one :). (Technically, Kim is the friend of my sister-in-law, Jean, but now I think she is mine because of the blog thing!)

There isn't much there, but Kim says you won't steal my SS# and take out bad credit (I got a leather bustierre, it lifts AND separates! Remember those commercials?) in my name, so I hope you have fun!

I love Costco canned chicken. The only Sam's Club I have been in smelled gross.

AND I thought your blog of going to Vegas was hilarious! LOVE the picture of the cop!

Okeydokey then.


I hope tis isn't a sign of what you will find on my blog but the word verification is dryvil. Which sounds like drivel. Not what I was really going for ...

Erin said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Wow...everyone has a blog these days. Your boys are very cute! Hope you are well. I have a blog not about the family though, there is a website for that. I will definitely be checking back again and you post about anything you like. I actually find that stuff the most interesting.

Here's the web address

Kim Fifita said...

Look at all the comments you got! WHOA! Your blog is taking off! LOL. I like both Sam's and Costco for different reasons; and I do have to agree that Costco's canned chicken is yummy--it makes a great sandwich topping (mix it with a little mayo). Anyone who won't eat canned chicken is a little too uppity for me. ;-)